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Car Servicing, Diagnostics & Re-Mapping

  • Looking to have a repair done to your car?
  • Looking for a friendly reliable service you can trust?

Great news, the team at Motor City Plymouth are here to help. We are specialists based in the Plymouth area, in vehicle repairs/ servicing and warning light issues.

We offer our very best solutions to you at an impressive price. At Motor City Plymouth we actually do the entire job here on our premises at Valley Road Plympton Plymouth. So if you have any issues we are always ready and willing to help.

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The team at Motor City Plymouth car sales and servicing Plymouth are specialists who offer the best car servicing and warning light diagnostics at great prices.

Our in-house service department take pride in our excellent service and our best trained technicians will be happy to answer all of your questions regardless of your vehicle make or model.

Motor City Plymouth service history, to a future buyer, will demonstrate how well you've cared or your car and could enhance its value. And every single time your vehicle is with us we always WASH & VACUUM it to ensure it is always in pristine condition, this naturally is all part of our service and is COMPLIMENTARY.

We take care of all the Plymouth area and surrounding, offering a high-quality solution that has produced many extremely happy customers!

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Our Sister Company RH Tuning is able to offer bespoke engine tuning and diagnostic service to all our customers. All software is developed on site with no third party involvement providing that unique personalised customer experience. We have an on site 2000AWD Mustang Dyno so you can see from the computerised printout of the improvements to the vehicles BHP, Torque and fuel economy.

As a class leading engine software development centre we can help you achieve your ultimate/best driving experience be it performance, economy or a combination of the two.

We can help you achieve marked improvement in your driving experience.

  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Enhanced all round performance
  • A smoother, more enjoyable driving experience
  • Fuel cost savings

We can also help diagnose those troublesome fault codes. Please contact us:

Warning lights on? Car in limp home mode?

Relax! Call the team at Motor City Plymouth we repair warning light faults like it is a walk in the park... The greatest benefit is, we really enjoy repairing the impossible.

If you have been to a lot of other garages and paid for a host of new parts and your car still hasn't been repaired, then don't waste any more money with incompetent diagnostics simply call us and for a repair, no problem...



Motor City Plymouth offer cambelt replacements at very competitive prices and will advise all our service and sales customers when they need to be changed.

Cambelts replacement - Call today for a quote.

For a cambelt replacement quote call our service department with your registration number a for a parts and best labour quote.

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In-house Service Department

Motor City Plymouth have gained a great reputation and are well recognised for their In-house Service Centre in Plymouth and are very proud to have a team of highly trained technicians.

Please enquire to our service department if you have any questions regarding diagnostics, servicing and repairs.

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Four wheel alignment

Motor City Plymouth has invested in the best, top of the range 3D 4 Wheel alignment equipment. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then book in for your FREE WHEEL ALIGNMENT CHECK.

  • Hit a pot hole recently?
  • Are your tyres wearing unevenly?
  • Noticed fuel economy drop?

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