June 09, 2020 at 10:36 AM

Mercedes vehicle

Looking to buy yourself a used Mercedes vehicle? This can be a very exciting, yet overwhelming choice. Mercedes have a great collection of vehicles to choose from. But, you might just be able to save yourself a bargain buying a used Mercedes vehicle as opposed to a new one. 


There is a famous saying "you get what you pay for" and I believe this to be true with almost anything. Even more so when buying a Mercedes vehicle. Although you will grab yourself a bargain when buying a used Mercedes vehicle, be wary of prices that are "too cheap". Mercedes is a luxury brand and should come with a sensible price tag for the type of car that you buy.


As we are all aware, cars with higher price tags tend to depreciate at a much bigger rate. However, this process starts as soon as you drive the car out of the showroom. If you happen to buy a brand new vehicle, its fair to say that the depreciation will be on a much larger scale than that of a used vehicle. If you buy the vehicle outright, this can save or even make you money if you then decide to sell it to a private vendor. You can also have a much larger trade back value if you keep the vehicle in good condition compared to the price you pay and value of the vehicle vs the option of a new car trade back.


Mileage can be a key component when making a buying decision on a vehicle. Even more so the service history and owners of the vehicle. In my experience, I have come across cars in the same year bracket, same mileage on the clock, be two different motors in terms of performance and reliability. You must do your due diligence on how many times the vehicle has been serviced. Where did the vehicle get serviced at? What kind of owners previously drove the car. These are all determining factors on whether your vehicle will be a good buy or not. Typically, Mercedes are known for having a long life span and being very reliable. So in this department, it makes an excellent choice when looking at these stats.


Considerably admired across the globe, German cars have been out at the forefront of the car industry for quite some time now. Very rarely will you have to spend money on a Mercedes vehicle in unnecessary maintenance costs. They are robust, reliable and very high-performance vehicles that supply you with comfort, style and a sense of safety. This more than makes up for paying a little bit extra, to save yourself money in the long term in repairs.


Test drive a Mercedes vehicle today and see for yourself the level of satisfaction one can have when behind the wheel. How it feels to drive on the road, the smoothness of the steering wheel turning, the stability of the whole vehicle when going over bumps, the manoeuvrability and handling when going around corners and the comfort and smell of the interior. Most models nowadays have incredible Bluetooth systems with crystal clear speakers that can be accessed and controlled through voice command. 


You typically see smaller payments on used vehicle insurance due to the vast difference in payouts for accidents. Parts will eb a lot cheaper, and also most insurance firms will have a match for match courtesy car policy, meaning that they will have more peace at mind replacing your vehicle (an older model) as opposed to a brand new top of the range Mercedes.



Make sure your Mercedes vehicle is being checked regularly and thoroughly to maintain a good level of reliability and performance. We are going to give you good rules of thumb as a guideline to know exactly what and when to check on your vehicle. 


✅ All of the vehicles lights. 

✅ Tyre tread, general wear and tear, and also the pressure of the tyres.

✅ Exhaust, hoses and the belts of the car.

✅ Air filter and the engine oil.

✅ Make sure the power steering is working correctly, fluid levels are fine, and also automatic transmission.



✅ Make sure the chassis of the vehicle has the correct lubrication.

✅ Windscreen wipers are moving smoothly without jerking.

✅ Check all vehicle cables and the car battery.



✅ Check the suspension and the steering, make sure it still has the correct amount of pressure.  

✅ Have a look at the brake pads.

✅ Check the engine coolant levels.

All of these checks are extremely important. They can help your vehicle have a much better life span if you take care of each point in the allocated timeframes. This will help you avoid any unnecessary maintenance costs that could have worsened over time.

Check out our range of used Mercedes vehicles. We take great pride in looking at the performance and maintenance of our vehicles. We check and look affetr them regularly to make sure you get the very best value for money when you choose to do business with us!