July 23, 2020 at 11:01 AM

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In a world where everyone likes to be different, why would you want to go for a car thats considered "popular"? After all, surely you would want to be unique...right? However there are great benefits and reasons to why you should follow the crowd in this case. 

Popular cars tend to have better selection. You will have a wider variety of colours to choose from, engine sizes and model variations. Also, cars that continue to be popular will have a better performance level than those that are less chosen. One thing we like is convenience, but we also like reliability, comfort and style. Cars that are continuously chosen are more likely to live up to these desires and could provide you with better value for your money. 


Its fair to say we have had a rather unfortunate set of events happen to us over the past couple of months. With coronavirus upsetting many industries worldwide, it is no surprise the car industry has been heavily affected with the price of oil dropping os bad due to the amount of people not driving / driving less than before.

The following list of information comes straight from the society of motor manufacturers and traders (SMMT) which has collated data from the DVLA. Over 1.8 million cars were exchanged hands in the first quarter of 2020. Compared to the first quarter of 2019, thats a decrease of -8.3%.

With this data in mind, we are seeing an increase in demand for other vehicle fuel types such as hybrid and electric cars. An increase of 13.6% compared to the first quarter of 2019 however, we still had a whopping 97.9% of this years used car registration remain petrol or diesel.


Used Ford Fiesta

1st Quarter results: 81,371

This is also the most popular choice in the new car market this year so far, its incredibly sleek and a great motor to drive. It has a very comfy interior and is very easy on the eye. On top of that, you get a real feel of control when you are behind the wheel, that makes you feel safe and secure.

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Used Vauxhall Corsa

1st Quarter results: 69,847An

Incredible value for money, the vauxhall coras also makes a great learning car to drive and also a great purchase for first time buyers. The quality of drive seems to keep on improving every year and still satisfies the UK public after all these years.

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Used Ford Focus

1st Quarter results: 68,000

Another car that has been labelled great to drive. An all round solid vehicle for its looks, comfort and drivability. It has been very popular amongst young men in the recent years, but serves an overall interest to even families. Although this vehicle is not incredibly spacious, it can still fit a family of 4 with great comfort.

View our used Ford Focus range.


Used Volkswagen Golf Range

1st Quarter results: 60,113

A manufacturer that has been making great vehicles since the 70's. It has really perfected the art of making appealing cars that the car industry approve of and appreciate. They have an elaborate range that include cheaper, more affordable models, and they also have higher end cars that are a little more sporty that can keep up in pace with a lot higher end car manufacturers out there.

View our used Volkswagen Golf range.


Used Vauxhall Astra

1st Quarter results: 53,693

This vehicle can be a serious money saver. Although it might not be in the same light as a BMW or AUDI, they are a lot more efficient on fuel, cheaper to run and still maintain a great standard of quality. There is also more sporty, VXR versions for those of you that want a little more power behind your engine.

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Used BMW 3 Series

1st Quarter results:  42,603

We all know BMW is an incredibly popular choice of vehicle nowadays, they have stolen large numbers from other car manufacturing companies such as Ford and Vauxhall. They have a great range of diesel options too, that could save you a few extra pennies with a very good mile to the gall. Especially on the 320D which can achieve 50 miles per gallon  whilst driving in normal mode. This also leads to cheaper road tax due to less fuel emissions. 

View our used BMW 3 Series range.


Used Mini

1st Quarter results: 40,996

Relaunched by BMW again in 2001, it was hard to project just as much success as its had over these passing years. A sought after care for both men and women, its a great vehicle to own. There are appealing in the sense that they are very customisable, and they can be a lot cheaper to run than what you might expect.

View our used MINI range.


Used Volkswagen Polo

 1st Quarter results: 35,353 

Not as popular as the Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus, but still a staple name in the car industry and a key component in Volkswagens brand. Buyers of this vehicle enjoy great reliability and comfort behind the wheel, which is what keeps attracted them back again and again.

View our used Volkswagen Polo range.

9. AUDI A3

Used Audi A3

1st Quarter results: 28,963

Essentially the A3 is a more elaborate creation of the Volkswagen Golf. It has been built incredibly well though, that nobody grudges paying the extra money when it comes to this car. The most up to date AUDI A3 comes with a slim infotainment screen that comes out of the dashboard, and is a tipping point for most buyers. This features adds a level of class that clearly is catching the eye of the UK general public and getting them to pull it their credit cards.

View our used AUDI A3 range.


Used Renault Clio

1st Quarter results: 28,170

Last but not least, this car offers a good level of safety with an incredibly cheap price tag for the quality you get. Renault have other, sportier models to the original clio, but the older models are still great bang for your buck and can be very cheap to insure and maintain.

View our used Renault Clio range.



So there you have it, a great list of vehicles to satisfy all tastes so far this year. things can change from qarter to quarter but one thing remains the same, whatever car make or model reaches this top 10 list, rest assured its for a good reason. 


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