April 03, 2020 at 10:38 AM


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It's no doubt that approved BMW cars are renowned all over the world for their sleek designs, high Performance and of course the luxurious Features that come with it!

But what about used BMW cars? and should you spend your hard earned cash on one? This blog will give you everything you need to make sure you are in the best factual position to make a buying decision... so make sure you stay until the end!



Depending on the previous owner, a BMW New is just as good as a BMW Used. Although the price may have depreciated over time and racked up a few extra miles, you may just grab yourself a bargain at minimal cost of performance. 

Motor City Plymouth stock the highest quality used bmw vehicles on the UK market. We make sure they are checked extensively to pass our extremely strict criteria on what we sell to our loyal, loving customers. We make sure that the vehicle is performing at peak condition for its model, mileage and usage. If it doesn't add up... we simply don't sell it.

This has been one of the biggest reasons we have gained such a loyal following as a very High Quality, Trustworthy used car dealer.



Lets start with Vehicle Performance. Of course we all want our cars to look great, but at the end of the day its the performance we care about most (or at least we should).BMW vehicles are now being enrolled with an Efficient Dynamics Package. Okay cool... what does this mean?

It's BMW's way of incorporating a more Eco-Friendly approach towards driving whilst maintaining its sought after performance.

Lets dive a little deeper...

In 2017 The United Kingdom was estimated to be emitting 366.9 Million Tonnes of Co2 into the air! And with the amount of people and car production going up this would likely increase since then. It is extremely important we make our buying decisions on how good a car is for our Economy, even more than how it makes us feel or even look to our friends. This Efficient Dynamics Package will come as standard to all BMW cars in the future. 

Deep Dive


At BMW, they realise that connectivity during car journeys is increasing every day. The Digital Age is becoming forever more Demanding when it comes to technology, speed and convenience. To stay alive in todays markets car firms push to give extra attention to Practicality and Ease Of Use.

The Connected Drive feature is a series of apps that come with each package. There are 4 in total. What types of apps does this provide you ask? be patient we are getting to that!

Having one single point of access (your BMW screen) you have an array of wonderful apps at your fingertips that keep you connected to the world even at high speeds.

You have access to popular apps such as Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Stitcher, Pandora and the list goes on. It connects straight to the Internet to allow you to safely surf the web with a hands off Voice Automated experience to ensure your Pleasure and Safety.

Vehicle Safety is always a large topic. Right? Well thats what we are moving on to in this next deep dive into Why Buy a BMW!

If you are the type to avoid driving in the dark due to its lack of visibility and heightened danger you might want to re-consider with this next feature. Connected Drive incorporates night vision technology that has the capabilities of detecting any object, animal or human for up to 900 feet!

It has blind spot detection when you are trying to cross lanes making sure you don't accidentally pull out in front of another driver. This combined with the built in Collision Warnings are a life saver! Literally...

Whilst your smartphone is connected, you have the ability to lock and Unlock The Doors Straight From Your Phone! An added bonus, if you are like me and always forgetting where you have parked your car .... is that you can also locate it straight form your smartphone too! No more wandering around helplessly wondering if you are on the right floor of a multi story car park anymore!

Overall we can safely say that BMW have made sure to make your life as easy as humanly possible when you need to make the daily commute to work, school, college or leisure! 

In addition to all these amazing features it can also can sync all your contacts, calendar events, SMS texts, Emails and even access turn by turn directions straight from Google. Again I must mention that all this can be doing completely Hands Free with the automated voice assist technology.



Have you ever heard of the saying "it's the little things in life"? like most of us you will probably have heard this being said once or twice over your lifetime, and it really is true!BMW take great pride in singling out the smallest details that add up to its overall status in the car Industry. 

Have you ever noticed the feeling and sound when you shut the doors? Everything has been carefully designed and tested to have a compact presence, no rattling or prolonged vibrations of force scream quality and class whenever you enter/ step out of the vehicle. 

What about the buttons on the dashboard? Carefully structured to exert a particular amount of force when pressed to give you a satisfying feel when Changing Songs, cranking up the AirConditioning or even the Hazard Lights.

The interior and standard colours schemes have been carefully thought of to create a comfortable relaxed vibe within every motor. The Leather that has been used, mixed with the shape make it incredibly pleasant to sit in, giving your back the perfect ratio from comfort:support.

Arguably the two most important components to overall success of what is determined a great Car Seat.


I would like to conclude that buying a BMW has a sense of Status that people like overall however, this should NOT be your buying motive. Your buying motive should come from the overall trust, safety, transparency and convenience that BMW provides through its service as a car dealer. One a side note, a BMW Used can often times be a far better option for many people than a BMW New.