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Hoping to finance your next used car with affordable monthly payments but not sure if you’ll be accepted? Look no further! Here at Motor City Plymouth, we work closely with leading car finance lenders so we can offer our customers more competitive rates than other independent used car dealers in the South West of England.

You can even find out the likelihood of being accepted for finance on a used car from Motorcity Plymouth. The check takes just minutes, it won’t affect your credit rating and it’s absolutely FREE!

In conjunction with, we return a range of finance offers relevant to your chosen used car based on Motor City Plymouth’s panel of trusted lenders. Based on your preferred deposit and agreement duration, CarFinanceChecker will return several car finance quotes along with the likelihood of being accepted: HighMedium and Low.

Our various finance partners will look at your application for car finance differently, and this may reflect the rates they can offer you on your next used car. The more creditworthy you are deemed to be by the lender, the lower the rate you will be offered.

Some of our lenders are happy to consider applicants that have a poor credit rating, have little credit history or have been refused credit in the past - however they may charge more. If this affects you, please get in touch with Motor City Plymouth on 01752 344 414 as we can contact specialist brokers in order to arrange finance for customers with low credit scores. uses a sophisticated credit decision engine, which predicts the likely lending verdict from each of our finance providers. By using a 'quotation search' to analyse your data, lenders cannot see this, so your credit rating is not impaired. Every lender uses several factors to make a decision, including:

  • Vehicle information
  • Details of your finance requirements
  • Your personal circumstances
  • Information from your credit file

In order for CarFinanceChecker to establish your eligibility for motor finance, they carry out a 'Quotation Search' with credit reference agency, Equifax. Only you will only be able to see the search, should you choose to obtain your credit file from one of the UK's three credit reference agencies. The search is referred to as a 'soft footprint' as lenders cannot see the quotation search and it will not affect your ability to take out credit.

Once you receive the results from our car finance eligibility check, you will hopefully be in a position to proceed one of the competitive used car finance quotes from our lenders. When you apply, the lender will carry out a 'credit application' search which will be visible to lenders. Carrying out several credit application searches can negatively impact your credit rating as they can reduce your credit score. So make sure you only apply for the most suitable quote.

What are you waiting for? Browse over 100 quality used cars at Motor City Plymouth and click ‘Free Finance Check’ to discover how likely you are to be accepted for car finance. It’s absolutely FREE - plus get the results instantly without affecting your credit rating!

Join the 1.3 million motorists who finance their used car each year – you could even drive away today and pay absolutely nothing for two months! is a trading style of iVendi Limited who is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Top Tip: Finance lenders take their security in the vehicle, but obviously vehicles depreciate so if the agreement is to be repaid over a shorter term, then the amount outstanding is more likely to stay ahead of the depreciation curve. So simply: putting in more deposit or reducing the term will increase the likelihood of approval.

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